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The Team

Who We Are


iris Lenington

owner, Director of Operation

Was initially recruited to Sulphur Springs to work at the hospital from Tyler Texas.  While there, she met the love of her life and everything changed.  This is where the story changed and she left the corporate world of 27 years, she met and married her husband, and he also adopted her Daughter, they blended their family and now have a family of 4- Her Daughter Taylor  and her step son Sam. Iris also fell in love with the town of Sulphur Springs and all the people that she met here.  For years, Iris has been passionate about good food and good drinks and how the combination can bring people together.  For Iris, Craft food and Craft drinks are her acts of service. This has led her to become the Head Brewer at BackStory Brewery and oversee an expansion into Craft wine and Craft spirits.  Since then the Brewery has grown and is thriving, in more than 140 Bars and restaurants from Arlington to Texarkansas.  Her passion for her craft has represented our town in places that have never heard of us and has resulted in bringing people into town that would have never thought about it before. But there was something missing.  Being the Head Brewer was only half the equation for her acts of service. She needed Craft food.  It was a need.  Along with her passion for this town was born the desire to bring the complete package to Sulphur Springs.  Craft food along with Craft drinks that fully represents our town, our culture, and our taste.  A truly farm to table Craft that will be serving food that is sourced here, made by the people here in our town and will be a service to the community that everyone can be proud of.  That is the BackStory and the passion for Texas Hops and Chops.  A community driven Steakhouse with a twist, farm to table, Sulphur Springs, Local.  Made by the people from here, for the people for here


Jon Chase

Executive chef, gm

Jon Chase started cooking 15 years ago and moved to the bay area of northern California to immerse himself in the culinary world that is available there. 

He has extensive knowledge of Italian, Americana, and South American cooking. Yet with his passion for food, has a broad understanding of almost all cuisines and techniques, along with a focus on locality and community building through networking, establishing relationships with local farmers, and preparing quality food and a great experience to those he serves.  

Jon is proud to have lived his life in the Pacific Northwest but is also proud to say he's raising his children in Texas.


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